(Ericaphis fimbriata)
Damage: Several species of aphids colonize blueberry bushes. However, this is the most important species. Aphids spread Blueberry scorch virus, but rarely cause direct crop damage. Aphids secrete sticky honeydew which can accumulate on leaves and fruit. Black sooty mould can develop on the honeydew.
Insect: Nymphs and wingless adults are small, 1-2 mm long, yellow, green, orange, or pink. Winged aphids are usually black and 2-3 mm long. Aphids are found on the underside of leaves and on new shoot tips, from March to September. The first generation of winged aphids emerges in early May. Aphid populations are highest in June and July. They overwinter as eggs on blueberry plants.


Aphid Colony Carolyn Teasdale, ES Cropconsult

Aphid Colony Adult Carolyn Teasdale, ES Cropconsult


Aphid Nymphs And Winged AdultsCarolyn Teasdale, ES Cropconsult


Wingless Adult Giving Birth To Live Young Carolyn Teasdale, ES Cropconsult

Mummified Aphids Carolyn Teasdale, ES Cropconsult

Aphid damage in blueberry1

Aphid And Gall Midge Damage In Blueberry Carolyn Teasdale, ES Cropconsult