Two Spotted Spider Mite

(Tetranychus urticae) Damage: Spider mites feed on the underside of the leaves, and can be found on older leaves as well as near the shoot tips. Lightly infested leaves become speckled; heavily infested leaves become bronzed and covered with webbing. Spider mites are a sporadic pest in blueberries and are rarely seen in most fields. Mite populations build up during the heat of summer, and can be more prevalent in hot dry locations. Mites can reside on weeds within blueberry fields. Pest: Two-Spotted Spotted spider mites are yellowish-greenish with two dark spots on the back. They vary in size from near microscopic to clearly visible. These mites overwinter as orange females in the soil near the plant.


Spider Mites On Blueberry LeafCarolyn Teasdale, ES Cropconsult


Spider Mites and Eggs On Blueberry LeafCarolyn Teasdale, ES Cropconsult


Spider Mite DamageCarolyn Teasdale, ES Cropconsult


Spider Mites DamageCarolyn Teasdale, ES Cropconsult